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 MyRevenge accepts Russian World of Tanks team !!!
 Jan 'HnT' Vozka30.06.2013 

ESL Team Link

Its an honor for us to introduce you our new World of Tanks Russian Section. In next sentences you will find everything about the team.

The team was formed in August, 2011, when first ESL cups began holding. From this moment the played every cup, and they can make an rivalry for the top teams of this time, such as RED Rush team 1 (world champions of WCG, now 1st place of Wargaming RU Golden Leage), but the most time they took 2-3 places. Being upset of 2-3 places, team decided to stop playing ESL and go in for Global Map.

In the middle of Autumn, 2012, two players of the old team (LuckyRusher and Streko01) got an idea to reform the team and make an professional 7/42 squad. They began their way from non-pro cups, and now they are one the best 8 teams in CIS by the results of Wargaming Russian Golden Leage.
After the first season of Golden Leage, they decided to reorganize their team, because some players didnt satisfie their requirements and changed them for the new. Now, they have full, battle-worthy team, which ready to beat everyone on their way.

Team line-up:

1. LuckyRusher - Team Leader
WOT Profile link -
2. Streko01 - Team Captain
WOT Profile link -
3. No1son - Playing Manager
WOT Profile link -
4. Raskalik - Main Player
WOT Profile link -
5. Krabotron - Main Player
WOT Profile link -
6. YuRocK - Main Player
WOT Profile link -
7. Renader - Main Player
WOT Profile link -

Team´s purpose for the future - take 1st place on Russian Golden Leage, won the GeForce International and move step by step to EU ESL, because they want to measure with EU teams too, and with the help of myRevenge e.V. they will do everything they can.

Statement of Noir, Leader of MyRevenge e.V.:
,,We are proud about this opportunity to have a profesional World of Tanks team in our multi-gaming. We want to support this team as much as we can. If we look at team´s result, we expect a perfect results and cooperation between us and the team. This is the first time, when we have World of Tanks squad at MyRevenge, so we are full of hopes, that it will be awesome for all sides. I would like to wish a lot of luck and success to the team and I hope they will enjoy being at us."
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