myRevenge e.V. Lithuania rising to the top.


Our boys at Lithuania myRevenge e.V. Lithuania did a great job at securing an EPS spot for themselves, placing second in the EPS Season 2 qualifier cup.

They played their first match against "LT Batmans", which they won easily in a stomp.
They ended the game after 27 minutes and they ended with a 20-9 score.
Lithuania Sytthex got really fed as Caitlyn, getting a score of 8-1-5.
The other members also did a great job, as the entire team went positive, except for Lithuania Nixu, who is the support.

After winning so easily, they played the quarter finals against "Even Teemo Have Balls".
They won very hard once again, ending the game after 29 minutes, and ending with a 30-11 score in favor of our boys.
Lithuania Upsas and Lithuania Artello both carried very hard, with scores like 12-3-2 and 11-4-2.

They rushed into the semi finals, facing "Sexy Panda" and winning once again.
It seems like it was an easy win AGAIN, the Lithuanian army of myRevenge really made a name for themselves.
They stomped "Sexy Panda" in a 30 minute win with 23-6.
Lithuania Upsas went on a rampage slaughtering the enemy team, going 7-0-7.
The entire team did well tho.

Winning so many matches must've given them a motivation boost, since they SECURED a spot in the EPS season 2 already.
They went into the finals, having to face "Pure Power Gaming".
Unfortunately, the match couldn't be played due to issues with work in our team.
Nevertheless, we have a spot in the EPS Season 2 and they did a great job!

We at myRevenge e.V. want to congratulate the Lithuania Lithuanian LoL team for performing so well, and we hope they can keep it up in the future.

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