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 MyRevenge welcomes a new Smite Germany Team
 Sebastian 'stb' Kubsch06.12.2013 

myRevenge presents proudly our new German Smite Team!

“We are lucky to welcome such a talented team in our lineup. Even if the team is a newcomer we see the potential of this team. Of course there is a lot of work to do but at the end we will duel the best team as equal skilled team!”-myR|stb-Manager

“Through hard work to victory!
Before we started to play Smite, MoonCarry and I were in a League of Legends Clan called iBex Gaming and our self-made Clan "Resurrection eSports".
Our successes in Leauge of Legends were the quarterfinal in the "Go4LoL" Cup and the place at the European championship.
2-3 Month later our Team were inactive, because some guys are in a relationship or have to learn for school.
So MoonCarry an I were searching for a new Moba game and so we found the SMITE Game!
We noted early that we're more than casual Players, so we started to find some new Player who can compete our skills.
It's hard to find players in germany who are skilled enough to play with us.
After a long time we found a Sololaner named "Verräter", I think he's playing one of the best Tyr's in Europe.
The rotations from xBryze (our supporter) are insane! He counterward "like a boss".
At the moment there are not so many good German Smite Teams. Because of this fact we decided together to create a German Smite Team and force to run national as well as international success with myRevenge e.V.. e.g., the Eu Tournament Series as well as success at the ESL.
Of course our team is quite new, however, the skill of each player has matured so far that I am able to say that we are going to be a strong team which can unambiguously keep up with the European Level!
I can see a lot of potential in this team and it would be a shame if these super players would play for another team. Besides, a very good play atmosphere exists in our team.
I wish our team all the best for the future and hope for a lot of final qualifications!” MisterThi-Teamcaptain

MisterThi (Teamleader) - Mid Laner
Nerezea - ADC
Xbryze - Tank
Verräter - solo lane
Mooncarry- Jungle

We are looking forward for a long lasting and efficient cooperation!
The whole management welcomes the team to myRevenge!

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