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 Infinite Crisis at Gamescom, a strong and good start
 Benn 'Cadet' Proost24.08.2013 

VideoBrackets (not complete)Our team that competed

Germany myRevenge e.V. shows what they're worth in a new game, Infinite Crisis.

There's so much to be told, and we can really say that we're proud of the performance our team showed at Gamescom.
We didn't really know what to expect of the game, as it's still in beta and the competitive scene is really limited.
This was the first 'real big' tournament, and it had a lot of publicity since it was at Gamescom, and our boys immediately made a showing.

Team Line-ups:

TCM Gaming
Sweden Tobi "GoAudio" Strand
Germany Marcel "Atze" Binz
Estonia Marek "Envisi0n" Pihel
Israel Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal
Sweden Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi

Germany Daniel "Broeki" Broekmann
Germany Nils "Nurok" Gebhardt
Germany Tino "BloodDragon" Hanke
Germany Frederiek "noway4u" Hinteregger
Germany Teresa "mietze" Kraxner

Absolute Legends

myRevenge e.V.
Germany AndzQ
Austria Marco "Ciiros" Navroschi
Germany Marcel "Darky" Lehmann
Germany spideynator
Germany Drake



Entering the tournament, myRevenge had to face TCM Gaming?
They ended the match with a 1-0 win, and securing them a spot in the next round, having to face n!faculty.
This round was bo1, the next matches would be bo3.
TCM looked like a very strong team with pro players from the LoL scene, including Brokenshard and YamatoCannon.
In the end we beat them, and that's something to be proud of, good job guys!

Winning against TCM-gaming put them against n!faculty in the uper bracket final.
The no-namers myRevenge already made a name for themselves by winning against TCM, but they had no idea what was waiting for them.
They BEAT n!faculty with a 2-0 win, leaving many people speechless, they did an amazing job!
Beating n!faculty meant they had a guaranteed spot in the Grand Finals, as they just won the Upper Bracket Finals.
Now we only had to wait for the results: Who won the lower bracket finals?
n!faculty or TCM Gaming?
In the end it was n!faculty, they beat TCM by 2-0.

myRevenge entered the Grand Finals with loads of pride and confidence, they were here to win, the 15000 dollar grand prize would be theirs, they're very motivated. Not because of the money, not because they were expected to win, but because they CAME so far.
n!faculty was one map behind since they came from the lower bracket finals, but they still won against myRevenge, giving them the grand prize and the first place.

Nevertheless, an amazing performance by our myRevenge boys, and amazing showing. We couldn't have asked for more, you all did very great and we're proud of you. We hope to see you continue the results and show that you're a strong competitor.

For more coverage, there are some links in the sidebar.
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