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myRevenge.uk at the GameGune2011
Date 07.07.2011
Author Löwin
Links GameGune confirms 12 teams

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The time has come. Even this year the GameGune starts again from 22nd - 24th July in Spain, Bilbao. The first twelve teams are for sure and other twelve participants still have the chance to take part in this event like our english myRevenge team which will match against the other teams.

Some weeks ago invitations were sent to international organisations. Twelve teams already take part.

In about two weeks the 19. season of "Euskal Encounters" begins where the GameGune will take place.

Just like in the last year some well-known teams will participate, including the winner of the last GameGune LAN " Sweden fnatic ". Also the other well-known teams like " Sweden SK Gaming ", " Ukraine Natus Vincere ", " Finland paistit " and the spanish top-team " Spain x6tence " will play about 21.000 € prize money.

At the current time it's still unknown if a german team will take part in the GameGune. The german EPS team " Germany Hardware4u " got an invitation for the event but they didnt confirm it yet. But the danish team from " Denmark mTw " will certainly paticipate but this is also not for sure.

Because of the big interest of so many teams the organisation of GameGune increased the number of possible participants from 16 to 24. The tournament will be like the years before, that means, it will start with a groupstage. Then the teams will fight against each other in the playoffs which will be played in the Double-Elimination-Modus.

This is our lineup:

Scott " LinkenB " Stamp - Team-Captain

Tim " exo* " Teuber - Team-Orga

Liam " shenk " Byrne - Player
Scott " K4rMa " Campbell - Player
Tom " gAISER " MacDonald - Player
Jonny " crash " Podd - Player

Statement from myRevenge:
"We are happy to see our CS 1.6 team from the United Kingdom on the GameGune '11 LAN playing against international top-teams like x6tence, fnatic, Na'Vi etc.
This is a huge event for myRevenge and also a great opportunity to show viewers and gamers the skill of our english guys.
We are still training really hard for this chance to show what we can achieve and how we can compete with the international top elite.
We would like to thank the organisation of the GameGune to give us this opportunity taking part in this big LAN event and we wish our teams and the other participants good luck for the upcoming matches.
We all hope to see nice, exciting and fair matches. hf & gl"

Statement from Scott " LinkenB " Stamp:
"This will be our first LAN event outside of the UK, and as for our goals and expectations of this event; we have beaten a lot of these teams in pracc online but I know LAN will be different, our goal is to try and get out of group stages and I think that might be the first time a UK team has actually got out of group stages at GameGune!
We are almost guarenteed to have a top 5 team in our group, and whoever it will be we are hoping to put on a good show and at least get 8-10 rounds!
Over the next couple of weeks we will be practicing more than ever to try and reach these goals!"

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