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myRevenge e.V CS 1.6 Spain Female-Team
Date 10.07.2011
Author Noir
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We welcome our new Team in our Counter Strike 1.6 female section.

We are glad about to present the new female Team from Spain. They represent us in the Female CS 5on5 Ladder international. We wish them all imaginable good and that they stand a good team in the laegue.

hello, we " Cia ", " Spain eSme'J'! ", " sUrenyAw.~ ", mery and " sNDr ", we are from Spain and is part of a team of myR. We play together for about 5 months and we are gradually taking play. We are a competitive team, and we want to get away with effort and especially eager.And play to win and have fun. and we want to thank you for giving us this opportunity myr to show who we are and how we play.

The Line up:

Alicia " Cia " Daganzo
Position: Team-Leader
Hey guys, I'm Alicia Daganzo alias " Cia " the team leader from the female spain team of myRevenge. I'm 23 yeard old and i live in the beatiful city Ponferrada. In the year 2007 i startet to play in the esl. There i play CUPs and with my es female team in the international 5on5 ladder.

Esmeralda " Spain eSme'J'! " Edeso Garcia
Position: Member
hello,my name is Esmeralda Edeso Garcia nick " Spain eSme'J'! ",I have 22 years and i'm from zaragoza city(spain).I have 8 years playing counter strike,I went to tournaments such as: Fiberparty,Kode5,Kode5 international,eswc qualifer female.

elena " sUrenyAw.~ " gonzalez
Position: Member
I am Elena " sUrenyAw.~ " Gonzales and I'm 20 years old and i live in alicante a little city in spain. I play for the es female team of myRevenge, which I joined f 2 month ago. Since 2010 i play in the ESL. I played with this team before we joined myRevenge and i say, i'm pride to play with them.

Mery " mery " Santana
Position: Member
hello! my name is Mery Santana, I am 25 years old, im from Gran Canaria but Im living in Madrid since 5 years ago.
I'm playng counter strike since 2003 but i haven't never been to any tournaments becasuse i were always studing and playing only for fun, nevertheless nowadays im taking little bit more serious.

Sandra " sNDr " Gonzalez Calero
Position: Member
Hola amigos, I'm Sandra " sNDr " Gonzalez Calero and I am 20 years young. I play for the female Spain team of myRevenge.
I hope I get a chance to play with my team serious and to get many successes.

Statement: Team Leader Alicia " Cia " Daganzo
So... I would now like to say a few words. My team and I are proud to be allowed to play in myRevenge. We will do our best and show our skills are in myRevenge Cup. Of course, we hope to win the Cup. For us, the Cup will be a good exercise to achieve many successes internationally. Have fun and good luck!

Statement: myRevenge " KATUNGA "
The ES Female Steam shows me that they want to get successes. They train hard and they often play test game with our CS 1.6 Iraq Team. This we saw in the female Cup that they have a constant play, because this team won each game in the first week. With my experience i can say, that they are very fair player, they give each player or team a chance. They can be very open and talkative, thereby you can work with them very well together.

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