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myRevenge e.V. has a new Counter Strike 1.6 Female Team Romines
Date 30.12.2011
Author Noir
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The team previously played at Online Kingdom. Ivan " ely'' " Elisabeth is the team leader of the team will take the girls away to the right since. They play in the near future to Lans, cups and leagues where they really want to "clean up" and they will too. We from myRevenge e.V. looking forward to the cooperation.
Name: Ivan " ely'' " Elisabeth
Position: Team-Leader
Age : 24
From: Bucharest

Hi, my name is Ivan Elisabeth, I am 24 years old, living in Romania, Bucharest. I play counter-strike for 11 years and I really like it. I`ve made the team in 2009 as the maniaXBabes and I always wanted more. I'm glad we have returned to myRevenge and i hope to make a good team. As my hobby, I like to play soccer, volleyball and swimming, I like to travel and have fun with friends.
Name : Sabina Irina " DURRRR " Serghei
Position: Member
Age : 22
From: Bucharest

i.My name Is Serghei Sabina-Irina and I`m 22 years old.I`ve been playing counter-strike for 7years...I am an ambitious person,talkative,i like to make a lot of friends....I just joined on this team!new line-up for me but all goes good, i`am proud to play for myrevenge and hope that all the things will be good.
Hobby : POKER

Name : Radu " eLenNa " Elena
Position: Member
Age : 19
From: Bucharest

Briefly about name is Radu" eLenNa " Elena, I am 19 years old ... I love sports, especially ice-hockey...I've been playing since i was 7, counter-strike for 6 years ...and this is a short part of my life ...
My favorite player in past was: "HeatoN" (hockey player:x)
In present: "markeloff"

Name: Plesca " MedeEa " Andreea-Mihaela
Position: Member
Age : 21
From: Bucharest

My name is Plesca " MedeEa " Andreea-Mihaela, I'm 21 years old and I've been playing counter-strike for 4 years now. I'm a student, I've played handball for 5 years and I've been modeling since I was 15. The last 2 years I've played in the same line-up and me and my colleagues managed to make a strong female team. I hope with myrevenge community we we'll be able to participate to different offline events so we can show our skill. I think this game is perfect for me because it is based on competition and strategy.

Name: Gheorghe " ALICE " Maria-Alexandra
Age: 20
From: Bucharest

Hello! My name is Gheorghe "ALICE" Maria-Alexandra, i have 20 years old and i'm living in Bucharest. I play CS for 6-7 years and i realy love this game. I love football, my favorite teams are Steaua Bucharest and Barcelona (Messi crazy). My Hobbies are rollerskating, listening all kind of music, hang out with my friends and i really love coca-cola amused...I hope we will have a long run @ myRevenge Community.

Statment from Ivan " ely'' " Elisabeth Team-Leader:

Hello, my name is Ivan "ely" " Elisabeth, we are very happy that we are back to myRevenge e.V because it is a very good community. On 14-15 th of january we will participate at the Inferno Online Female Lan, and we hope you can be proud of us after the end of this event. We will do our best!

Statment From Kevin "The Bomber " Schäfer Team-Orga:

I am very proud to be able to support this team. I am convinced that in them because leagues and lans properly be rocking. I'm looking forward to working together with you and hope that everything will go well. Have Fun and Good Luck

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