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myRevenge e.V. CS 1.6 Czech/Slovakai Female-Team
Date 30.12.2011
Author Noir
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The team plays before by Team AngelsGirls. Nikola „Nikooolkka_ “ Horová is the Team-Captian and lead the girls of the right way. They play at upcoming Lan Events, Esl and Cups. Nikola play in the past by us and she know what she will. The win their first matches by myRevenge high with 16:0 and have a good start here.
Name: Nikola “Nikooolkka_ ” Horová
Position: Team-Captian
My name is Nikola Horová I am 19 years of my hobbies include PC Counterstike 1.6, Swimming, Sports, Music. Couterstrike playing about 5 years I found a snake this affection, and I study a lot of friends new private high school catering and I love my girls <3
Name: Dana ”Kviin ”PláPoláková
Position: Member
My name is Dana PláPoláková and Im 22 years OLD! xD I play CS 1.6 since my 15. My Hobbies are rollerskating, skying, drawing, listening music (ROCK!), cooking and also my beloved boyfriend. Im studying university - economics.
Name: Michaela "Mishulkaa " Cáslavská
Position: Member
Hi, my name is Michaela . I have 16 years , i from in Pilsen. My hobbies is sports, music and playing with my lovers! CounterStrike playing 2 years. I love my team.
Name: Ivana “GleE “ Mlynaríková
Position: Member
Hi, my name is Ivana and I am 16 years old. My nick is Glee. My hobbies are hockey, music and animals. I like to draw, but liked to play Counter-Strike 1.6. I can counter with 1.6 STZrike sit all day. I LOVE CS 1.6!
Name: Dominika “Rybka “ Skockova
Position: Member
Hi, I'm Dominika alias Rybka (in English FISH). I'm 18y old and I am studying at high school aimed to graphic and printing in Bratislava. I am playing Counter Strike 1.6 since 2008 with steam and before that I played CS for 6 months on non-steam
....and I LOVE StibliQ
Name: Natalie “ bejby “ Kolárová
Position: Member
Hii my name is Natalie CS play with full dedication, I'm 19 years old and likes to play with here girls.

Statement from Marcel “.mar ” Hoffmann the Team Orga from Counter-Strike 1.6 Czech/Slovakia Female:
I'm looking forward to the cooperation with the new team, and i will actively support the course. Some time ago were already 2 of us, Mishulkaa and Nikooolkka_ , therefore the team will quickly find their way around with us. I am pleased to see the other amenities such as the team develops. In this sense, a warm welcome and a lot of fun.

Statement from Team-Captain Nikola “Nikooolkka_ ” Horová
We work together as a Team since a short time, but we understand us very well and I don’t think that we get any problems. We looking forward with the work by myRevenge e.V. and will currently better together. Then we will play on upcoming LAN Events, Cups and ESL. We thanks that we can join and you will repent of this.

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