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Review about the Corsair M60 Mouse and 1500 Dolby 7.1 Headset
Date 24.02.2013
Author Noir
Links Vengeance® M60Vengeance® 1500

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Julius "Gran Torino" Ortwig
Position: EPS LoL Player
Age: 19
Town: Herford

In this news we want to show u a product review for Corsairs M60 Mouse and the 1500 Dolby 7.1 Headset.
To get u the best review we asked our professional AD Carry player of the League of Legends EPS Team Julius " Gran Torino " Ortwig.

In my review i want to talk about the Mouse and the Headset i got from myRevenge.
I want to start with the Corsair M60 Mouse :
I am using this mouse since i got it and i have to say that i am happy with it.
U dont need to install any big drivers , just plugin the mouse and u are ready to go.
The DPI is changed with just one click and the mousewheel is very precise and good to use.
Another good point of the mouse are the wheights that u can just change how u want.
The mouse itself looks very good and i like the design very much.
The mouse fits perfect to my hand so i have no problems with moving it around while playing.
While playing League of Legends it is very important to have a good mouse as an AD Carry player , since u have
to click a lot to position yourself , get autoattacks on enemies or farm creeps.
This mouse has everything u need to be good at the game.
I would recommend this mouse to everyone.

Now i want to tell something about the 1500.Dolby 7.1 Headset.
First of all i have to say the manufacturing quality is very good. Nothing is wiggling and it fits nice on my head.
The size adaptation is good so u dont have problems to find the best settings for the headset.
The connection is over USB and WIn7 identifies the Headset with no problems.
To get the best feeling of the headset i would recommend to download the driver over the Corsair website.
If u find the best settings for your headset u will have a great sound and most important a clear sound.
The surround sound works very nice for games like Battlefield 3. U can hear everything close to you and you will
not miss any detail. This realistic atmosphere pushes your gaming experience to the highest level.
The microfone is working very well. I am using Skype, Teamspeak 3 , Raidcall or Ventrilo with no problems.
For that price the Headset is really nice and i really recommend it to everyone.

So this was the review of our pro player.I hope u could get a little overview about both products.
For more informations click on the following link :

Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Laser Gaming mouse :

Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset :

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