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Review about the Corsair M60 Mouse, Keybord K60 and 1500 Dolby 7.1 Headset
Date 04.03.2013
Author Noir
Links Vengeance® M60Vengeance® 1500Vengeance K60

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Erik "tOfu" Engel
Position: Ex EPS LoL Player
Age: 16
Town: Friedrichshafen

?Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset:

The headset is very clean processed and has avery nice and clear sound. The sound is not distorted or grumpy at all. The 50mm speaker is doing a very well job,especially in the heights and in the middle basses. In some critics people said that the bass is toolow. I do not agree with that because the bass do his job very well. I asked my friends over Teamspeak 3 and Skypeabout my microphone quality and they told me that it has a very good quality and crystal-clear soundin compare to my Razer Headset which I had before.

The cable is very supple and its not distractingat all. The ear shells are gently and it feelscomfortable to wear this headset. It encloses my whole ears and i can’t hearanything beside the sound of my headset.

Test result: I am very satisfied with thisheadset and would recommended it to everyone.

Corsair Vengeance Keybord K60:

The Vengeance K60 offers a very good FPSKeyboard with MX Red button switches which are offering me a nice sensitive , ilove this technique. The reaction times are super fast , especiallyat double or triple Multitaps. In contrast to other gaming keyboards thiskeyboard distinguishes with its non resistance or the non rattling buttons. The red shaped and textured WASD buttons and thenumbers 1 -6 are enjoyable soft and handy.

An additional keycap and the kit to change thekeys are also in the package. The resistant Aluminum Chassis promise a higherdurability and stability in compare to plastic. Thanks to the ergonomic Soft Touch wrist supportu can play for hours without being tired.
In this wrist support u can also storage yourextra keycap. The USB connection on the back of the keyboardallows u to connect a mouse or other USB things to the keyboard. With the easy media control on the right topside u can have all your music and videos under control.
The Venegeance 60 is a masterpiece of a gamingkeyboard. Corsair and gaming always fits so well together.

Test result: Top product , u have all u needjust infront of your fingers.

Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse:

The M60 mouse is very comfortable and its sniperbutton fits perfect on my finger. The sniper button is specifically created forFPS players who need the best aim they can get. With this mouse they can be the best Sniperplayers on any game. The download program for the mouse is easy todownload and also easy to understand. I recommended u to get the program to have thebest feeling in FPS games.

I`ll give the mouse 5 from 5 points due to itsvery nice optic and its very good quality in its material. Also the Sniper Button and the way u can fit themouse perfect to your hand are leading me to my 5 points. The mouse is very smooth and extremely precisewhich is very good if u are a gamer who needs all this to be successful at agame. The mouse is reacting very fast to my moves andthere is no delay in the reactions. Especially for us pro gamers this type of mouseis an enrichment for our equipment. The different configurations can also saved ondifferent profiles so u can just change the way u use the mouse with just oneclick.

Test result: The optic, the very smooth mousewheel and the comfortable use of the mouse make me recommend this mouse toeveryone.

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