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Interview with Jana aka jance
Date 06.01.2012
Author Noir
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Hello jance, thanks a lot for taking the time for this interview. First of all, I would like to ask you to introduce yourself.

Hi. My name is Jana Kozáková, I am 22 years old and I live in the capital city of the Czech republic: Prague. In game I am using the nick “jance” , which is an adaption from my first name.

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
How long have you been playing this game already, and why?

jance Answer:
I am playing Counter-Strike for 12 years now, but on competitive level just from version 1.6 on. I always liked computer games, especially team based games. When I started to play, it was because I had fun and also got attention from the boys amused. Now I play for fun, experience and I am waiting for some "success" amused.

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
How come you are in team "name"?

jance Answer:
I played for eSuba before, but one day we received an offer from Asus. I stayed at eSuba and built a new team while the rest of my team went to Asus. After two years we had two equal teams, quality wise, but both teams did not succeed in European matches, so we agreed to pick the best players from both teams and make new team. I am really grateful towards eSuba for everything they did, but, with the girls, we have decided to play for Asus, which is better for us.

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
In which league can your team be found?

jance Answer:
We compete in the female ladder and 5on5 EU ladder on ESL and of course we signed up to your league smiling We try to play every female cup which is available. Other than that, we play Czech ClanBase on, where we reached the playoffs and we go on every czech lan with boys smiling

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
How long have you been in your team already and what's your duty?

jance Answer:
I’ve been in Asus for 3 to 4 months, when we decided to collect the best girls in one team. I’ve always been clanleader and tactical leader. Now I am tactical leader and I deal with everything we need, except talking to the management, which is primarily Maiuska’s job.

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
What are your aims in this game and what would you like to achieve?

jance Answer:
My goals are having a good team, train properly and then participate in some female cups....or even win amused

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
Are you satisfied with your team and the management?

jance Answer:
I am quite satisfied with our team now but it can be always better smiling Management is also great, at least what I saw till now, so there is nothing to complain smiling

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
What do you expect from the community in the future?

jance Answer:
Well, I don’t really know, what you want to hear, but I would be really happy, if there are more cups for girls.

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
What would you desire from the leagues and what should be improved?

jance Answer:
Now there is only one league, yours, which is going to be. I hope for bigger interest about female gaming and it leads to more cups

myRevenge e.V. Qustion:
How many hours of training do you complete as a team and how many hours do you approximately play in a week?

jance Answer:
Depends on time, if we meet we play sometimes two hours, sometimes 4 hours, depends on our mood and the time we have smiling Per week we play around 9-10 hours, if there are no holidays or something like now smiling

thanks for your time, if you want you can say hi to someone, the last words are yours

Thanks for a nice interview smiling I want to say hello to my team, everyone who cheers for us smiling The boys from eSuba and whole eSuba and if I did forget someone, everyone who is actually reading this interview amused Bye smiling

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