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Review from Falen for the Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1
Date 03.09.2012
Author Noir
Links ICL +Vengeance® 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset

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Tomas 'Falen' Locker
Position: Member
Age: 23
Town: Bilovice nad Svitavou

We've talked to Falen after the LAN and asked him about his experience with the new Headset

Q: Hi Falen. How are you and the Team after your victory at the ICL+

We are very happy. We just expected getting in the top 3 but 1st place is awesome.

Q: You had new Headsets from our partner CORSAIR. What can you tell us about them.

We were surprised by the support but we were happy about it.

Q: Alright then tell us a little more about your impressions with the new Headset.

There are many positive things to tell and nothing negative. As many of you should know on an offline event it's always noisy and Teams are celebrating and screaming but our Headsets shielded almost every noise from outside. The sound of the Headset is awesome and we could locate our enemys much earlier. This in combination with our aim lead us to a total domination of our enemy.

Q: Can you tell us anything more about the sound ingame?

The sound was crystal clear and we were able to preaim/prefire our enemys. We were totally dominating and demoralising them. In many situations we were superior because of the good sound.

Q: Do you have any other positive things about the Headset?

Well it's very sturdy. Not much plastic, mostly aluminum.

Q: Doesn't that make the Headset very heavy after a long time?

No. Not at all.

Q: Alright anything else?

Well. The cable is about 1.5m long and it's not like the standard cables with a plastic surrounding which gets destroyed very fast. It's some sort of textile like surrounding which you also have in jackets or zippers. So it's really sturdy.

Q: So your upshot about the Headset?

It's a very good Headset which I can recommend to anyone

Thank you for your time. Your last words?

First of all I'd like to thank my mates. Without them this wouldn't be possible. Our Leader Noir who made it possible for us to try those new Headsets and I hope that we now will have even more success in offline events.

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