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Interview with japanese player noppo
Date 24.09.2012
Author Noir
Links win Asia E-Sports Cup

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Junya 'noppo' Taniguchi
Position: Member
Age: 24
Town: Tokyo

myRevenge e.V: First of all I would like to ask you to introduce yourself?

myR|noppo: Hi, My Player name is noppo.I'm from Japan and 24 I am years old. I have been playing CS1.6 for 8 years now. I participated WCG2006/ ESWC2008/ ESWC Asia MASTER / IEF2008, 2009 and Asia eSports CUP.I went to sweden before being a professional gamer, but I could not success to stay there more than 1 year due to VISA problem.

myRevenge e.V: how long did you and your team played together and how did you "find" each other?

myR|noppo: Japanese good players are friends each other, so we know each other kind of long. like Sion I have been played with him more than 6 years, barusa 4 years, staba 3 years and rappy is my little brother. There were several good teams in Japan, and I scouted them for AEC. they are quite good player, so I tried to talk them and play some mix together and be friends and made a this team.

myRevenge e.V: how do you joined myRevenge?

myR|noppo: STABA got an message fron myR.Noir through STEAM chat, and they offer that we want to be myR or not.

myRevenge e.V:You played a Lan this weekend and won 1st place, do you and your team expected this?

myR|noppo: It was a 50/50 chance. even we played against malaysia before, but it was like 4 years ago. We have never played against INDIA and Singapole, we knew that Proffesional Team "Titans" was really good team before and lurppis is in. so we are a little bit anxiety but on the other hand, we believed in our skillz and tactics, so actually we had a self-confidence to win AEC also.

myRevenge e.V: how much different is the feeling when you are play offline at a Lan in contrast to play online at home

myR|noppo: there is a big different. You can't hear the In-game sound clearly due to they are doing streaming, So we can't hear any footsteps at offline. and you have to use different computer/ Moniter/ different height of table and chair. it's make us to feel big different playing between home and offline.

myRevenge e.V: and do you think that you play online better than offline because of this special settings?

myR|noppo: Yes. but if you play at offline, ping will be around 4~6, so you can shoot more easier than online. it's for individual. about team works, offline is more easier and faster to communicate each other.

myRevenge e.V: what do you think about the future of your team, will there be any tournament soon?

myR|noppo: Yes, there will be one. We are going to participate for Counter-Strike: Online tournament at WCG2012 in ShangHai at the end of November.

myRevenge e.V: What do you think about the Asian counterstrike community? Will they get bigger?

myR|noppo: I'm not sure, but In ASIA, CS1.6 and CS: O is still aliving and if there are more tournament, it will get bigger for sure.

myRevenge e.V: My last question, what do you think about myRevenge e.V and his future?

myR|noppo: honestly, I didn't expect that myRevenge supports us so good and kindly, I'm really glad to be in myR. I believe that myRevenge will be more famous and I will try my best to make myR more famous in ASIA and all over the world in the future.

myRevenge e.V: thanks a lot noppo for this interview and a lot of luck in your personal future and a lot of luck for your team at the next tournaments

myR|noppo: Thank you very much.

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