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 myRevenge e.V. LoL qualified for the EPS Playoffs Spring 2013
 Cem 'SonnyBlack' G.27.03.2013 

We want to announce that our League of Legends german Squad succeeded to qualify for the playoffs of the current Pro Series Season powered by ESL.
In this News we want to give you a overview about, how the season went for this great team with all its good and bad moments.

On monday the 25 th february our first EPS match started and we played vs the last EPS season winner mousesports.
In a very exciting game we unfortunatly lost our first EPS spris season match versus mousesports.
This was very disappointing for the whole team especially because everyone played very well in this game.

This was the result of our first EPS game :


After this lose we could not find ourselves back in a good position.
The next games did not end well and we kept losing versus logiX e.V. , CPLAY Tt.esports and SNOGARD Dragons.
At this point we lost 4 games in a row and still had 0 points , while all the other teams earned some points to save their
playoff spot.
The main reason for the very bad start was that the team had to fight with line up changes and that they even had to play
games with the manager.

In the 5th game the team finally had a nice line up to play the rest of the season.
The aim was clear : After losing 4 games in a row they had to win at least 5 of the next 6 games to qualify for the Playoffs.
At this point it seemed impossible ,because there still were good opponents to beat.

But this 5th game was the season changing game for the team.
They played vs ESC ICY BOX.
ESC was on the first place at this time and we knew it would be a very hard game to win.
But our team managed to really destroy ESC with a genious playstyle.


After this game the team won confidence and believed in their skills as a team.
The game versus vination was an exception.
That game was lost due to lack of practise and coordination.

The last 4 games versus peculiar gaming , SFTO esports , nubreed and nfaculty decided if we would be able to qualifier.
The team played extremely well in all of this games and dominated their opponents very well.

When the last game versus nfaculty was played everyone knew that it is going to be the deciding match to qualifier for the playoffs.
Because of that , they put all of their knowledge and skill together to really shut down the whole team of nfaculty on all lanes.
The game was over after only 21 minutes and the final standing was this :


After this game the team managed to take the fifth place and qualifier for the EPS Spring Playoffs 2013.
It was an hard and long way and everybody did his best to succeed like this including the management and the team.

Final standing of the Season :


Congratulations to the whole myRevenge e.V. team for this great achievement in this season and we hope that we will be able to win the EPS Spring Season 2013.

The quarter finals will take place on the 17th April and the semifinals + the Finals will be in Cologne from 10.-12.th of May.
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